Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are new to this lifestyle, can we pay entrance to the club only?
Entrance to the Eyz Wide Shut Nightclub and Playrooms are separate. If you only purchase entrance to the Nightclub, you will later have to purchase a FULL ACCESS membership and entrance fee to enter the playrooms area.

2. What is your age requirement?
The minimum age for entry is 21.

3. How do I dress when I visit Eyz Wide Shut?
Always dress to impress. Sexy clothing for women and handsome attire for men is always appropriate. Eyz Wide Shut has a dress code which is explained here.

4. Do you have theme parties and do I have to participate to attend?
We have regular theme parties. Dressing for the parties is totally optional, but always fun.

5. Do I need to bring my own alcohol?
No, we are a fully licensed liquor bar. This is not a bottle club.

6. Are the club and playrooms facility legal?
Yes, we are a perfectly legal and licensed establishment. We are licensed as an “Adult Encounter Center” under Hillsborough County "adult ordinance" guidelines. We also have a state of Florida approved "playrooms facility" license. We have been inspected by all state agencies and local municipalities.

7. What is included free of charge at EWS?
  • Complimentary buffet, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, desserts & fresh fruits.
  • Complimentary use of lodging theme rooms, try out as many as you like, subject to availability. (Full access members).
  • Sexual furniture in several rooms.
  • Pool table and air hockey game.
  • Mailboxes and lockers.
  • Reservations for early arrival guests.
  • Entertainment.
8. We are soon to be the best lifestyle club in Florida. Why?
Because we keep listening to our guests, and keep improving Eyz Wide Shut.

9. Will we feel uncomfortable?
Never enter into anything that you aren't both totally comfortable with. Eyz Wide Shut is meant to be an enjoyable experience. Swinging is not for everyone although we hope you find our club to be friendly and comfortable place to be.

10. Is Eyz Wide Shut private?
At Eyz Wide Shut, our members' privacy is first and foremost. At no time do we share any information with any person or organization. There are no cell phones, cameras or any other type of recording device allowed inside the lodging side.

11. I'm single. Will I feel out of place?
If you're respectful and friendly, the answer to this question is no. Even if you're a single lady, you won't be intimidated by Eyz Wide Shut. One of the greatest compliments we receive is how Eyz Wide Shut is so much better than regular night clubs, because our members are so friendly and respectful of everyone. Our staff is always available to ensure that anyone who might pose a potential discomfort is quickly dealt with. We have NO tolerance for bad behavior.

12. Are single males allowed in the group rooms (lodging side)?
No, single males are not allowed in the group rooms.

13. I think I left something there. Do you have a lost & found?
Please feel free to contact us at 813-620-1234 or send an email if feel you may have left something behind. Usually for driver's license, we mail it to the address on the driver's license with a return address of our billing office. There is no mention of Eyz Wide Shut on the return address. We respect your privacy.

So far we have been unable to locate the owners for the following items: reading glasses, debit card & a black sweater.

14. Who can I contact to plan a party at EWS?
Plan your next party with us. Contact us for your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or any celebration.


Bar is Cash Only

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