Nudists vs. Swingers

A lot of people confuse the terms swingers and nudists by thinking they are the same. There is a big difference between them. Swingers are people who enjoy sharing their body or their partner sexually in some way whereas a nudist is a person who likes to be clothes free. Many swingers are nudists by nature because of their ability to swing and be nude in front of other people so easily. However not all nudist are swingers, and there are actually a small number of swingers among the nudist population.

Nudists are less likely than most to engage in swinging behavior because of the stereotype and mistaken idea that nudism is a sexual activity. Most nudists clubs are very strict about any overt sexual activity and would eject anyone behaving improperly. You mainly find that nudist resorts cater to families. Adult resorts are more lenient and have different policies. Caliente Resorts and Paradise Lakes host swinging parties and don’t mind swingers interacting with one another. Both resorts cater to adults 21 and up only. Many people have mixed reviews about having swinger parties at the nudist resorts. The resorts clearly state their themed parties are swinger related and guests have the option not to attend.

Swingers have a lot of options when it comes to parties at onsite and offsite swingers clubs. A lot of swingers will join websites such as,, and many other swinger sites to find out what’s happening in their city. These are some of the on-premise clubs. In Miami they have Miami Velvet, Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale has Trapeze 1 & 2 which is very well known for its five star food. A lot of swingers like to go from club to club looking for new experiences and to meet new swingers.

The much talked about on-premise Swingers club Eyz Wide Shut is like a playground for swingers. Many people have given great reviews to this club, and people return over and over. Their Halloween and New Years Eve Party are two of their biggest nights of the year. If you haven’t been before I suggest you go for an exciting evening out. Their themed rooms are amazing, and there aren’t any other on premise clubs that have a dungeon quite like theirs. On a busy night you’re sure to see wife swapping, group orgies, threesomes, foursomes, young swingers, granny swingers, girl on girl and many other erotic things you wouldn’t see at a nudist resort or club. They provide free private and group rooms with full access, different than other swingers clubs.

Nudist resorts provide great daytime activity poolside, and at their bars. Some people enjoy activities at both venues while others will only visit swinger’s clubs vs. nudist resorts. Be sure to check all swingers clubs, nudist resorts and party venues to verify if they are licensed for your safety and comfort. Now go out on the edge and try something wild. Remember to always use condoms when playing with new partners. “NO GLOVE, NO LOVE”

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Joining in on the Theme

Clubs such as Eyz Wide Shut along with many parties choose to enhance the evening with Themes. I have had fun with such themes as “Back to School/Naughty School girl,” “Red Dress,” Masquerade/Costume Ball,” Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Beach Party,” “Bike Week,” “Pajama Party” to name a few. It surprises me sometimes when people do not embrace the theme for whatever reason.  I have found embracing the theme only enhances the evening.  When participating in the theme you are enhancing the party for all. Something happens to people when they dress differently. There is a psychological tie to how we act and the way we dress. That is why uniforms are worn on certain jobs, suits for others. People carry themselves differently when wearing formal clothes than casual. This is also true when we wear clothes that make us feel sexy. A costume also gives us a way to escape.

This does not mean you need to go out and spend a fortune at the local adult shop or costume shop, with some imagination I am sure you can find items in your wardrobe that can be adapted to fit most situations. Let’s take some of the upcoming themed events at Eyz.

Short Skirt and Skimpy Dress: Should be easy enough. Ladies if you don’t already have some of these, then maybe in this case a shopping trip may be in order. You will use them again. Black is the most versatile.  For these days you can have fun, just being sexy.

Sexy/Naughty School Girl: Not all school girls wear plaid so if you don’t have one, just put on that short skirt above and match it with a white blouse. Again, a white blouse is very versatile with costumes. If you pick one that is sexy, maybe flowing/puffy, it can be used again for a wench or pirate.   Borrow a solid (or plaid) tie from your husband.  White light fabric sock that you can fold down for bobby socks or long ones for knee highs. If you don’t have Mary Jane’s, any simple black shoe will work, or your favorite “fuck me” pumps.  If you don’t own glasses, you can pick up a pair at the dollar store. Put your hair in pony tails with ribbon bows for long hair, a large bow for short. Any of these accessories can be purchased at a dollar store for very little.

Bikini Party: Don’t let any hang ups you may have about your body keep you for donning a bikini for this event; after all, after hours you will probably be removing it anyway. Pull out your cutest, most flattering bikini top and pair it with a cute mini or short shorts if you feel insecure about your belly. Pair it with a nice wrap.

Fetish/Leather/Lace:  Faux Leather outfits can be found at inexpensive clothing stores.  Again, this outfit can be worn for non-theme nights out too. If you don’t have Lace underwear, GO GET SOME! You won’t regret it, unless you are a commando kinda gal. You can buy a foot or so of lace from a discount store that has crafts. Tie it around your neck.

Pirate/Wenches:  Pirates red bandana on your head, torn clothes, Shirt open to show a bare hairy chest and eye patch made of paper and string. Wenches, white button up blouse with the collar opened across the shoulders, and a mini skirt. Gold hoop earrings are always a plus.


Glow Party: Dollar stores usually keep a supply glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets, but they are most popular in stores during Halloween and Fourth of July seasons. This is an item that will come up eventually.  Use them as intended, but also link them together in fun ways to surround yourself.  Stock up, especially after Halloween.  I have seen Glow in Dark eye lashes, hair spray, Glow in Dark wigs, and Glow in Dark make-up. Now, without the foresight to stock up for a party here are some other items that work. These parties will most likely have black lights so any white and neon clothes glow. Sporting stores have face paint usually for fans. White lipstick (yes they make it) can be used to decorate yourself with words or designs.


Color Themes: Red is the most popular I have found, but this can be any color. If you don’t have a dress in that color, don’t fret. Use your favorite sexy outfit and accent with the theme color. Again, accessories can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores.

Naughty Nurses: This is a good costume to buy post Halloween on sale. I have even seen some in outlet stores that have lingerie.  Don’t panic if you didn’t stock up. Scrub shirts are cheap at many stores. Find one longer then you would wear, belt it, instant dress. Take a pair of scissors and trim the collar so it shows off your assets. Check out chain dollar stores for kid’s doctor kits. If you have a white dress, add a red cross and a nurse hat is easy to make out of paper, google it.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite themes are. Share them and some of your tips in the comment section below.

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INTRODUCTION to EYZ WIDE SHUT, Tampa & Florida’s # 1, and largest swingers, fetish club and adult amusement park.

You DON’T want to miss the opportunity to visit with us while visiting Tampa for the swingers cruise. Have you booked your lifestyle swinger cruise yet? Are you planning on being among the thousands of people on the lifestyle take-over of the entire 5 star cruise ship “Brilliance of the Seas”? It is leaving out of the Port of Tampa, Florida on January 27, 2014.

A must see destination for all swingers visiting the Tampa area is going to be Eyz Wide Shut, it is the only licensed adult encounter, swinger’s night club in Florida. There will be over 1,000 cruise couples visiting the Tampa area ready to party the night away at the only swingers night club located in Tampa. There is a professional and courteous staff standing ready, holding the doors open to welcome the cruise ship members as they party well into the night before and after the cruise.


It is Florida’s largest swingers night club with over 22,000 sq ft of play space, and it is located just minutes from downtown Tampa, Ybor City, and Channelside where the cruise ship will be docked.  There are 2 FULL liquor bars (NO BYOB), a state of the art sound system, light show, and dance floor. Included with your “Full Access” admission is a full hot and cold buffet that is served to the guests until 2:00am. They have one of Tampa’s best DJ’s playing music as the members shake it up into the morning hours. The bar and swingers playground will rival any upscale night club or hotel.

As the area’s host club, Eyz Wide Shut will be providing free shuttle transportation to the night club, from the local hotels. Then the shuttle will return the cruise ship guests safely back to their hotels. There is no need for drinking and driving when you can leave the driving to the free shuttle provided. The Free shuttle and a $10.00 discount will be available to swingers cruise passengers the Saturday before the cruise and the Saturday after the cruise. Note: Discounts can’t be combined.

Eyz Wide Shut

During the same weekend of the lifestyle cruise there is an annual event that takes place in downtown Tampa called Gasparilla where pirate’s invade and take over the entire city of Tampa, holding the mayor hostage for the keys to the city. The entire city of Tampa will be celebrating with parades, food, games, contests, and lots and lots of FREE beads. In the spirit of this annual event Eyz Wide Shut is holding a “Best SEXY Pirate Couple” costume contest with $500.00 in cash prizes being awarded. So bring your best pirate costume and join in the FUN. The management team and staff at Eyz Wide Shut hosts the best and wildest pirate after party.

 Plan to cum early and stay late to enjoy what Tampa has to offer.

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Has anyone ever been on a swinger cruise where we, the swingers completely take over the entire ship? Well I have and it is simply AMAZING!!! With clothing optional being the required attire at poolside, dancing. and all day parties, at every one of the ships swimming pools. The FUN never seems to stop. There are non-bikini contests, belly flop off’s, Ms. Lifestyle and Mr. Buns contests, body painting, caricature drawings. and early morning Zumba classes all at poolside.

From the time you check in and board the ship, to the time you are topside, you know that you are in for the time of your life. Everywhere you look there are FUN, smiling, laughing, friendly people. After all swinger’s are lovers by nature. Once your Concierge has you and your luggage safely tucked into your beautiful cabin the hunt is on for the sunscreen and towels. Then off to the pool parties and lots of delicious cocktails…….

…….or maybe you want to attend a few seminars or classes to learn more about how swingers live and celebrate this lifestyle. Classes range from “Swinging 101” to a few sultry, spicy BDSM classes. There is a group play area provided on these cruises as well, and it is HUGH, with beautiful canopy beds everywhere.

There is all kinds of food served from the casual burger and fries to prime rib and escargot, with EVERYTHING in between. You may want to skip the formal dining room, grab a bite at the snack bar and then head off to one of the themed parties, and there is a themed party every night. Dressing for these parties is NOT required, but it does add to the FUN of it all. There is constant music and dancing almost 24 hours a day at poolside.

Because swinger cruises are primarily couples and single ladies only, where everyone is over 21, and no children allowed, the freedom and comfort level is more relaxed and carefree. Booking a great swinging lifestyle vacation comes down to a few things. You want to work with lifestyle involved travel agents who have experience, discretion, and provide takeover events that feature all of what you want. There are plenty of lifestyle friendly travel agents and travel agencies.

With January being “Lifestyle Month” a month in which we celebrate our lifestyle and our choices there is a swinger’s cruise departing out of the port of Tampa on January 27, 2014 and returning on February 1, 2014. While visiting the Tampa area be sure to stop in and see the largest swingers club in the country Eyz Wide Shut. It’s located at 8504 Adamo Drive Tampa, FL 33619. This beautiful swingers club is situated within 10 minutes of the Port of Tampa cruise terminal. The club can easily be reached by taxi or hotel shuttle as well.

If you call the club at (813) 620-1234 or email at they will arrange transportation from the hotel, to the club for you during your short stay in beautiful Tampa. So, If you have not been on a swingers cruise I HIGHLY recommend it. A swinger cruise is without a doubt a “Bucket List” item, so book one today and set sail for the time of your life……..Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!

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Tampa Bay, Florida Halloween and New Year’s Eve Party Information

Discover the culture and lifestyle of Eyz Wide Shut and stimulate your attitude, satisfy your taste and boost your way of living, whether as an individual, a couple or a group. Come and enjoy the great, classy appeal for an unforgettable experience intended for those with an open mind and craving for an exotic adventure.

Florida’s most upscale, on-premise Swingers Club & Lodging comes with fully licensed liquor bar, dance floor, a covered outdoor social area as well as a smoking area. It also features an incredibly delicious hot and cold buffet located in the game room. The entire club can cater up to 700 guests inside and 200 guests outside. All these features make for an exciting night of adventure. The club can also be booked for private parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Of course, if you come and visit the newly renovated adult lodging make sure you experience some of their remarkable rooms. Choose from the Lady Godiva Suite, Cleopatra Suite, Seaside Suite, Dungeon Suite, Brass Bed Suite, Zebra Lounger Suite, Harem Suite, Wild, Wild West Suite, Asian Ecstasy Suite, Double Pleasure Suite. For group sex fun try the Hedo Suite or Lovers Lane to fulfill your wildest fantasies. This should make the experience more exciting and more memorable for couples and singles ready to mingle.

Events for the Holidays

If you’re thinking of having a good time during the holidays, then mark your calendars for the following dates. Surely you don’t want to miss out on having a wonderful night during these special times of all out fun and celebration.

October 26: Halloween Ball

Come share your sexiest Halloween fantasies at Eyz wide shut .This event starts at 7pm and the party will keep on going till 5am. Early birds will have a discounted rate of $50/couple from 7-9pm and $75/couple from 9pm-5am. Free upscale mask given to all just for attending. Cash prizes for the Best Couples costume, Sexiest, and Most Original. Will you get a TRICK or TREAT?


December 31: New Year’s Eve Party

If you want to spend ring in the 2014 with some pizzazz join us for New Year’s Eve at this fantastic venue, party starts at 7am and will go all the way until 5am. Early birds will have a discounted rate of $50/couple from 7-9pm and $75/couple from 9pm-5am. Just add $29.99 for selected overnight for the best choice of rooms pre-booking is recommended. By calling 813-620-1234 or email

Why Choose Eyz Wide Shut?

We provide a comfortable atmosphere for lifestyle couples and singles to meet and mingle. It’s a pressure-free environment for people with different lifestyles to enjoy time after time. Enjoy 12 FREE theme private & group rooms with your Full Access purchase. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis. We have a time limit, so please respect this rule. The club also has overnight stay rooms available for an additional fee. Fees vary by room.

We are the largest and best Swingers Club in Tampa, Swingers Club in Central Florida, and Swingers Club in South Florida. The bar serves the best liquors in town and has nightly buffet. With its sexy and exciting atmosphere, this is a place where couples could mingle with other open-minded people in the most erotic sex club in Tampa.

Furthermore, cleanliness is their top priority. That’s why the facility is strict in maid service by providing each guest with clean linens and fresh towels. The luxurious memory foam mattresses are covered in vinyl for cleanliness.

For late night sex action with your partner this is the “Greatest Show on Earth” …..

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Vegas Exchange Swingers Convention

The Florida swingers community would like to “Welcome’ the Vegas Exchange to our lifestyle Event’s family.

It is being billed as, “Vegas Exchange is the ultimate Lifestyle vacation for alternative lifestyle adult couples. ”

This convention is being held at  The Palms Casino Resort, August 7 – 11, 2013.

Attending this convention will be a host of celebrity guests and speakers, including our very own local Florida celebrity, Dominatrix of Ditties, better known to the Tampa, Florida crowd as Traci Kanaan. Both Traci and her AMAZING husband Mike can be found at the only licensed swinger’s night club in the Tampa, Florida area Eyz Wide Shut, Florida’s #1 largest swingers club, couples playground, fetish and adult amusement park where they moderate the “Swinger Seminar Series”. This is a cocktail meet and greet presented on the last Wednesday night of each month where they present an “Open Discussion & Role Play with an experienced swinger couple.” and “Understand the knowledge & openness of an intimate relationship with your significant other”, and we here in Florida wish them THE BEST while performing in Las Vegas!

Larry Flynt, President & Publisher of Larry Flynt publications, better known as HUSTLER, will kick off the opening night at the inaugural ceremony as one of the Keynote Speakers. In addition, Sex Educator and Porn Legend, Ms.Nina Hartley, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly of Playboy TV Swing, Mike and Holli of Playboy Radio, Michael and Kamala Devi of Showtime’s Polyamory: Married & Dating and Angye Fox of FoXXXy will all be speaking and making appearances throughout the convention.

The event schedule includes couples’ and industry leader workshops, plenty of sexy shopping, with almost 50 lifestyle friendly exhibitors, vendors, as well as, sizzling entertainment and Vegas style performances.  There will be all day pool parties where live DJ’s will keep the games FUN and the party going with hundred’s of hot an sexy bodies swaying in the Vegas sun to the poolside music. The very first Ms. ISD (International Swingers Day) Bikini competition will be held at the Vegas Exchange swingers convention.

How can we not mention the nightly dinners and themed parties held in various ballrooms and venue’s within the host hotel such as the 007 Bond party, Pajama Jam, and then there is the Grand Finale…..Lingerie Masquerade.

A swinger couple can continue to heat up the night as you enjoy fantasy playroom suites for hours of sexual play and debauchery. Perhaps you will want to visit the luxurious fetish suite where you can indulge in the sexy, dark, and freaky BDSM side of swinging. Then there is the million dollar view of the famous Las Vegas strip from the Sky Villa Penthouse.

This lifestyle sanctioned event is sponsored by local, national, and even international organizations such as but not exclusive to:

Tampa Bay Escapes

SwingLifeStyle (SLS) and Topless Travel

Caliente Club and Resorts

The Swinger

NASCA International

Naughty N Nawlins

“Imagine the hottest couples from around the globe converging in one geographical location, donning their sexiest lingerie and “Eyz Wide Shut” mask for the most sensuous night of the convention….mmmmm!”

We hope to meet you there!!!!!!!!

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Swingfest Swingers Event Cancelled

The local swinger’s community here in Florida were very sad to hear that the annual SwingFest event was cancelled, and that your vacation to sunny Florida may have to be cancelled as well. However?……..

Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, Florida would like to offer SwingFest guests a special deal for those that are coming from out of state:


Just bring your Swingfest event receipt.

We have 12 overnight rooms, so advanced reservations are a must, and are on a first come, first serve basis.

This offer is good both Friday and Saturday night July 27 & 28th only.

Florida residents: 1/2 off of regular room reservation prices with receipt from Swingfest events.

We can arrange airport pickup if they can change their flight destination from Fort Lauderdale or Miami-Dade to Tampa, Florida

We must have advanced notice to reserve a hotel suite just for you during your visit to Tampa, Florida.

We are just a taxi ride away from the Historic Ybor City. Founded in 1886, Ybor City became known as the cigar capital of the world. Today Ybor City Historic District is the heart of Tampa’s history and is filled with multi-cultural restaurants, bars and night clubs, specialy shops, art, music, architecture, and special events to celebrate Tampa’s history. There is trolley transportation to and from Downtown Tampa and Channelside. Ybor City nightlife includes some of the hottest college bars & night clubs in Tampa. You will also find everything to include techno dance clubs, outdoor patio bars, martini bars, entertainment venues, happy hour bars, live music jazz bars and much more. Restaurants in Ybor City, encompass everything from ethnic cuisine to small pizza shops. Dining in Ybor City is popular for the lunch crowd, tourists & late night dining. Although Ybor City in Tampa is mostly known to the locals for its great nightlife & dining, it features an exciting mix of retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues situated around a palm-lined plaza that captures the flavor of Tampa ‘s historic Latin Quarter.

Or perhaps a visit to Channelside is on your wish list. Channelside is an entertainment complex located in Downtown Tampa. This neighborhood is one of the fastest growing areas of Tampa with high rise condominiums, shops, dining, and entertainment venues. There are plenty of bars & night clubs in Channelside. Many have outside patio bars and live music. Channelside restaurants offer a dining experience for everyone including outdoor dining & upscale restaurants for a more intimate experience. Come see the large cargo ships and passenger cruise ships enter and leave Tampa’s Port.

Please contact Charolette or Andrew to secure your spot in the sun in Florida and at one of the most exciting places to be in Florida.

tel  813 621 0045 (non-operating hours)
tel  813 620 1234 (operating hours)



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SUPPORT Your Local Swinger’s Club!!!!

What could be worse to a swinger who lives, loves, and supports this lifestyle? Answer?……….

The closing of yet another lifestyle resort!

In 2013 the Desire Resort and Spa in Los Cabos was sold. A sale price was agreed upon and the resort changed hands in June 2013. Now it will be converted to a “family friendly” resort, and we as lifestylers are very sorry to see yet another resort go by the way side. This beautiful ALL inclusive resort and spa was one of the premier resorts in Mexico, and sister to both the Desire Resort and Desire Pearl Resort & Spa both located in Riviera Maya. When the Desire Resorts opened in Mexico they seemed to be a healthy competitor to the Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica. Since then Hedo III has been sold to the Sandal’s organization and now one of the jewel’s in the Desire Resorts crown has now been sold to a family friendly organization as well.

Desire Los Cabos was located on the on the sun-kissed shores of Los Cabos, Mexico at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and was ideal for liberated couples seeking sun, sand and sensual encounters. The resort was known for it’s “breathtaking ocean and sea views where guests enjoy a sense of freedom like no other” where guests could “renew their passion, indulge their fantasies and enjoy every moment as they shed their cares and inhibitions at this upscale, tropical adult playground.”

The official website stated “This contemporary-styled all-inclusive beachfront hideaway offers deluxe accommodations and exciting activities within a private, posh, clothing-optional paradise. Freedom, fantasy and fulfillment are framed by a backdrop of lush natural gardens and sandy beaches, making Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos the hottest choice for a perfect romantic getaway.”, and they meant it! The grounds were beautiful and the staff was both accommodating, and lifestyle friendly. What more could a swinger ask for?

To see another swinger venue close is not on any wish list, and we as swingers have to remember to support our local clubs, and lifestyle sanctioned meeting and gathering places, because it is more than just an ideal. It is a true labor of love. The people who own, manage and work in these swinger watering holes invest so much more than just their money. They invest their time, and their labor of love. Time away from their families and even their own regular “vanilla” lives. The countless hours invested in owning, running and managing these types of places is endless, and all so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor for our sexual freedom’s. Our local lifestyle night clubs are the heart and soul of this lifestyle, and without those places, resorts, get away’s and weekend run away’s could not exist, or would not survive.

So when you are dressing to go out, socializing, dancing or drinking at one the local swinger or lifestyle cabarets please remember that you are supporting an entire lifestyle and not just one club or one owner. If we do not support the local night clubs, and sanctioned swinger venue’s all the other lifestyle gathering locations will soon fade away too.

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Swinger Cruises: An Exciting Way to Meet Other Swingers

What’s the latest craze in the world of swingers and people in the lifestyle? It’s the swingers cruise and these cruises are taking off like nothing that has ever hit this market segment before.

Faced with declining revenues through the recession, cruise lines have been scrambling to fill their ships. Part of their strategy has been the specialty cruise — a cruise that is targeted at one special market, and different than other cruises on that same ship. It started with health and fitness cruises and singles cruises, but the cruise market has become much more sophisticated. Today you can take a wine cruise, a jazz cruise, a gourmet food cruise, a classical music cruise, a gay cruise and yes, even a swingers cruise. Keep reading to learn more about swinger cruises.

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Getting Into the Lifestyle: Is Swinging Right for You?

By Angye Fox (

Swinging is not for everyone. Issues of jealousy, low self-esteem and hurt feelings can corrupt a relationship. So if you are having problems already with your partner, adding swinging to the mix is not going to fix it.

So how does one enter into the lifestyle? What makes you take that first step? And how do you know if it’s the right thing to do for you and your partner? Keep reading to learn more about getting into the swinger lifestyle and if it’s right for you.

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