Beautiful People: Beautiful Swingers

by Rebecca Ammon

Swingers come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Whether you are at a swinger club, house party, or on a swinger date you will encounter all types of people.  The beauty of a swinger club, such as Eyz Wide Shut, is the variety of people you will meet.  Eyz Wide Shut attracts people from the age of 21 up to 60+ years, all shapes and sizes, and different sexual preferences.  The excitement of being a swinger is the chance to experience someone different.  The opportunities are endless in this lifestyle.

An evening spent at Eyz Wide Shut will open your eyes to an array of beautiful people.  Your time will be spent attempting to meet every person that catches your attention.

We all have different ideas of what is attractive.  Some think it’s more than looks that can garner enough attention to desire to finding out more about someone or even slip into bed with them.  Chemistry, eye contact, verbal exchanges, and the way that person makes you feel are included in the overall scheme of spark and compatibility.

I have also found that many are attracted to attitude and confidence far above and beyond physical attraction.  A confident woman carries herself with her head held high and knows what she wants.  This attitude tends to make everyone want her.

Essentially everyone is beautiful in their own way.  Everyone deserves a chance to say hello and if that person isn’t right for you, move on to the next.  At a swingers club, you will have more than one opportunity to meet someone else.