Club Rules

1. This is primarily a couples establishment. Entrance for singles are limited.

2. For your protection, we have metal detection system at each entrance.

3. NO shorts, NO beachwear on Friday/Saturday nights. See Dresscode policy for more information.

4. NO cellphones on Playrooms side.

5. NO cameras on Playrooms side.

6. NO recording devices of any kind.

7. NO weapons or metal objects of any kind.

8. NO smoking indoors. Outside patio available on the bar side.

9. NO drinking in the Eyz parking lot. There will be no entry if caught with this violation.

10. You may bring your own toys; however, real handcuffs are not permitted.

11. For your convenience, mailboxes and lockers will be provided free of charge for your personal items.

12. Anyone using drugs or involved in prostitution will be ejected from the club and will risk prosecution.

13. Rules will be strictly enforced. Any violation of the rules will result in ejection from the club, without a refund.

14. Single males are not allowed in the group rooms on the lodging side.

15. NO WEAPONS, not even off duty police officers.
Due to heightened security, there is no entry to either side after last call at the bar, which is 30 minutes prior to close. Once you leave one area you will not be allowed back in.