Most couples new to the swinger’s scene might find themselves wanting to test out the waters of a swinger’s cruise vacation together, and although these can be extremely fun, most new couples’ expectations may be unrealistic, so before you book that sex cruise, do as much research as you possibly can about what to expect, and what not to expect on a sex cruise vacation.

Typically when you hear the term “sex tourism” lights go off in your head about sex trafficking, or prostitution at an international sex resort that is loaded with “VIP tour guides” that are in reality escorts/prostitutes. But for swingers, “sex tourism” is either a vacation at a swinger’s resort, or on a cruise ship that is attended by other swingers and no escorts of any kind are needed.

Average Length of a Swinger’s Cruise Vacation

Most swinger cruises are held in European, Caribbean, or Mexican waters, and last between just one-night or up to 5 and 7 days where playful and unpretentious swingers from all types of backgrounds are seeking 6 things: Fun, fun, fun and sex, sex, sex! Okay, that’s only 2 things, but fun and sex is what you will enjoy once you get leave land and float away on a swinger’s only cruise adventure.

Trust me, the one night cruises are among the most fun if you’re new to the whole swinger cruise vacation lifestyle because they’re short, and get right to the point.

5 to 7 day swinger cruises have taken their toll on newbies, so I do recommend that first timers stick to one-night trips before going all in on a lengthier cruise adventure.

Swinger Cruise Workshops

Just because swinger’s cruises are attended by adults looking to have sex with you and your partner doesn’t mean that sex will be the only thing going on during your vacation…it might be the only thing you’re thinking about when booking your swinger cruise, but try and get the most out of these workshops as you can because they are held for a reason.

Okay, what makes 5-day+ swinger cruises so much fun are some of the workshops you will be able to attend with your partner. Believe it or not, even many swingers still get jealous, so most swinger cruises hold classes and workshops that deal with jealousy. Jealousy can really kill the mood on a cruise, so these classes are a MUST to attend if you find them available on your cruise.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of any tantric or Kama sutra workshops that will most likely be held. Most couples get more out of these than any other of the workshops typically held on swinger cruise vacations.

Other workshops you may find on a swinger’s cruise deal with seduction, role playing, cosplay, BDSM, mutual masturbation, and how to get the most out of a swinger’s orgy…and yes, there are usually 2 orgies per day on swinger cruises, so make sure to pack a LOT of lubricants and stimulants. If you need Viagra in your daily life, then you’ll really need Viagra on a swinger’s cruise vacation… and this brings me to a very important topic…

What To Pack for a Swinger’s Cruise

Other than Viagra (if you need it that is) and lubricants (which you 100% will need) here what you should bring aboard with you:

Don’t pack too much! You’ll be naked most of the cruise anyway, so pack light!


  • 1 Sexy swimsuit
  • 1 sexy dress
  • 4 pairs of sexy underwear
  • Gloves
  • 1 purse
  • 1 warm coat
  • 2 pairs of sexy jeans
  • 1 super short skirt
  • 1 pair of heels
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 pair flip flops
  • Role play costume
  • Make-up
  • Hair straightener (if you use one in your daily life)
  • Lots of lube
  • Lots of condoms


  • 1 pair swim trunks
  • Zero pairs of underwear
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • Shaving kit
  • Viagra (if you need it)
  • Tuxedo, or nice suit (one or the other)
  • Role play costume
  • Lots of lube
  • Lots of condoms

That’s really all you will need to bring. Remember, you’re on the cruise to have fun, have sex, and hopefully make new friends, but don’t overdo it with packing lots of luggage. Trust me, you WILL NOT NEED A LOT OF CLOTHES!

As for things like sun tan lotion and hair dryers, the cruise will have those on board.

Take Local Currency

If your cruise isn’t in your country, which it most likely won’t be, go to your bank and get the correct currency for whatever country you’ll be going to. You might need it for taxis from the airport to your cruise, and trust me, the exchange rates at airports will be much higher than what your bank is able to get you.

Participate in Contests

If you want to meet the most people possible, make sure you participate in many of the contest and sex games that will be held on your cruise. These are great for breaking the ice and meeting new people. Also, this is a great way for you and your partner to “advertise” yourselves on the cruise to all of the other couples on board. From my experience, the couples that participate in contests and sex games seem to become the most popular couples, and tend to get the most out of the cruise experience. Plus, all of the contests and sex games have prizes, so not only do you catch the eyes of the ship’s attendees, but you might win a free vacation or some prize-money! But no matter what, you will be known as a “fun” couple, and everyone loves having sex with the popular “fun” couples!

Where Can You Have Sex?

This is kinda important because most newbies think they can just start boning wherever they want on a swinger’s cruise. Heck, I though this as well the first time I went on a swinger’s cruise, and I felt a little embarrassed when I was asked to remove my boyfriend’s cock from my mouth at the breakfast buffet, so please make sure you always know where you can, and where you cannot have sex on a swinger’s cruise.

For the most part, sex is limited to guest rooms or designated “playrooms”, but less overt sexual behavior is allowed in pools and other public spaces; basically, giving a couple guys hand jobs while being fingered in the pool is fine, just keep your head above water. No one will make a huge scene if your riding someone in the pool during the day, but trust me, it’s not really something you should do, but it’s fun trying to get away with it.

The “playrooms” are where you can have sex anytime you want, and they usually get very active from noon to 3 PM and then again after dinner until sunrise. So there is plenty of time for sex, and most swinger cruises have 4 to 8 “playrooms” available at all times.

Are You Expected to Have Sex

No you are not. Yes, you wanted to go on a sex cruise, but NEVER feel as if you MUST have sex with anyone that you don’t want to. Some swingers are more aggressive than others, but only have sex with whom you want, and when you want, and if you just aren’t feeling the groups that are onboard, just have a fun time with the person you came on the cruise with. Remember, the cruise is for you and your partner, so you decide what you want to do.

Swingers are no different than any other group of people, so you will get along with some swingers, and you won’t get along with others. Try and discover who you’re vibing with the most within the first 2 days of your cruise so you can be sure to link up with the type of people you want to be around for the entirety of your sex vacation!

Should You Blow or Bang The Captain?

No! The ship’s crew does not participate in any sex whatsoever with the ship’s guests. Even if the captain is super hot, don’t ask him/her to have sex because you’ll just be disappointed when they tell you “sorry, but I have to steer the boat away from glaciers so we don’t sink”.

Keep an Open-Mind & Be Friendly

Finally, if you’re a new couple on your first sex cruise with other swingers just be friendly and keep an open mind to what is going on all around you. Most of the people you’ll meet on a swinger’s cruise are very friendly, extremely respectful, hoping to make new friends, and of course most likely wanting to have sex with you and your partner. Be nice to everyone, and only have sex with the people that make you feel the most comfortable!