Clubs such as Eyz Wide Shut along with many parties choose to enhance the evening with Themes. I have had fun with such themes as “Back to School/Naughty School girl,” “Red Dress,” Masquerade/Costume Ball,” Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Beach Party,” “Bike Week,” “Pajama Party” to name a few. It surprises me sometimes when people do not embrace the theme for whatever reason.  I have found embracing the theme only enhances the evening.  When participating in the theme you are enhancing the party for all. Something happens to people when they dress differently. There is a psychological tie to how we act and the way we dress. That is why uniforms are worn on certain jobs, suits for others. People carry themselves differently when wearing formal clothes than casual. This is also true when we wear clothes that make us feel sexy. A costume also gives us a way to escape.

This does not mean you need to go out and spend a fortune at the local adult shop or costume shop, with some imagination I am sure you can find items in your wardrobe that can be adapted to fit most situations. Let’s take some of the upcoming themed events at Eyz.

Short Skirt and Skimpy Dress: Should be easy enough. Ladies if you don’t already have some of these, then maybe in this case a shopping trip may be in order. You will use them again. Black is the most versatile.  For these days you can have fun, just being sexy.

Sexy/Naughty School Girl: Not all school girls wear plaid so if you don’t have one, just put on that short skirt above and match it with a white blouse. Again, a white blouse is very versatile with costumes. If you pick one that is sexy, maybe flowing/puffy, it can be used again for a wench or pirate.   Borrow a solid (or plaid) tie from your husband.  White light fabric sock that you can fold down for bobby socks or long ones for knee highs. If you don’t have Mary Jane’s, any simple black shoe will work, or your favorite “fuck me” pumps.  If you don’t own glasses, you can pick up a pair at the dollar store. Put your hair in pony tails with ribbon bows for long hair, a large bow for short. Any of these accessories can be purchased at a dollar store for very little.

Bikini Party: Don’t let any hang ups you may have about your body keep you for donning a bikini for this event; after all, after hours you will probably be removing it anyway. Pull out your cutest, most flattering bikini top and pair it with a cute mini or short shorts if you feel insecure about your belly. Pair it with a nice wrap.

Fetish/Leather/Lace:  Faux Leather outfits can be found at inexpensive clothing stores.  Again, this outfit can be worn for non-theme nights out too. If you don’t have Lace underwear, GO GET SOME! You won’t regret it, unless you are a commando kinda gal. You can buy a foot or so of lace from a discount store that has crafts. Tie it around your neck.

Pirate/Wenches:  Pirates red bandana on your head, torn clothes, Shirt open to show a bare hairy chest and eye patch made of paper and string. Wenches, white button up blouse with the collar opened across the shoulders, and a mini skirt. Gold hoop earrings are always a plus.


Glow Party: Dollar stores usually keep a supply glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets, but they are most popular in stores during Halloween and Fourth of July seasons. This is an item that will come up eventually.  Use them as intended, but also link them together in fun ways to surround yourself.  Stock up, especially after Halloween.  I have seen Glow in Dark eye lashes, hair spray, Glow in Dark wigs, and Glow in Dark make-up. Now, without the foresight to stock up for a party here are some other items that work. These parties will most likely have black lights so any white and neon clothes glow. Sporting stores have face paint usually for fans. White lipstick (yes they make it) can be used to decorate yourself with words or designs.


Color Themes: Red is the most popular I have found, but this can be any color. If you don’t have a dress in that color, don’t fret. Use your favorite sexy outfit and accent with the theme color. Again, accessories can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores.

Naughty Nurses: This is a good costume to buy post Halloween on sale. I have even seen some in outlet stores that have lingerie.  Don’t panic if you didn’t stock up. Scrub shirts are cheap at many stores. Find one longer then you would wear, belt it, instant dress. Take a pair of scissors and trim the collar so it shows off your assets. Check out chain dollar stores for kid’s doctor kits. If you have a white dress, add a red cross and a nurse hat is easy to make out of paper, google it.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite themes are. Share them and some of your tips in the comment section below. If you would like to know more about me and my thoughts on swinging lifestyle, check out my blog at