Has anyone ever been on a swinger cruise where we, the swingers completely take over the entire ship? Well I have and it is simply AMAZING!!! With clothing optional being the required attire at poolside, dancing. and all day parties, at every one of the ships swimming pools. The FUN never seems to stop. There are non-bikini contests, belly flop off’s, Ms. Lifestyle and Mr. Buns contests, body painting, caricature drawings. and early morning Zumba classes all at poolside.

From the time you check in and board the ship, to the time you are topside, you know that you are in for the time of your life. Everywhere you look there are FUN, smiling, laughing, friendly people. After all swinger’s are lovers by nature. Once your Concierge has you and your luggage safely tucked into your beautiful cabin the hunt is on for the sunscreen and towels. Then off to the pool parties and lots of delicious cocktails…….

…….or maybe you want to attend a few seminars or classes to learn more about how swingers live and celebrate this lifestyle. Classes range from “Swinging 101” to a few sultry, spicy BDSM classes. There is a group play area provided on these cruises as well, and it is HUGH, with beautiful canopy beds everywhere.

There is all kinds of food served from the casual burger and fries to prime rib and escargot, with EVERYTHING in between. You may want to skip the formal dining room, grab a bite at the snack bar and then head off to one of the themed parties, and there is a themed party every night. Dressing for these parties is NOT required, but it does add to the FUN of it all. There is constant music and dancing almost 24 hours a day at poolside.

Because swinger cruises are primarily couples and single ladies only, where everyone is over 21, and no children allowed, the freedom and comfort level is more relaxed and carefree. Booking a great swinging lifestyle vacation comes down to a few things. You want to work with lifestyle involved travel agents who have experience, discretion, and provide takeover events that feature all of what you want. There are plenty of lifestyle friendly travel agents and travel agencies.

With January being “Lifestyle Month” a month in which we celebrate our lifestyle and our choices there is a swinger’s cruise departing out of the port of Tampa on January 27, 2014 and returning on February 1, 2014. While visiting the Tampa area be sure to stop in and see the largest swingers club in the country Eyz Wide Shut. It’s located at 8504 Adamo Drive Tampa, FL 33619. This beautiful swingers club is situated within 10 minutes of the Port of Tampa cruise terminal. The club can easily be reached by taxi or hotel shuttle as well.

If you call the club at (813) 620-1234 or email at EYZWIDESHUTLLC@gmail.com they will arrange transportation from the hotel, to the club for you during your short stay in beautiful Tampa. So, If you have not been on a swingers cruise I HIGHLY recommend it. A swinger cruise is without a doubt a “Bucket List” item, so book one today and set sail for the time of your life……..Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!