What could be worse to a swinger who lives, loves, and supports this lifestyle? Answer?……….

The closing of yet another lifestyle resort!

In 2013 the Desire Resort and Spa in Los Cabos was sold. A sale price was agreed upon and the resort changed hands in June 2013. Now it will be converted to a “family friendly” resort, and we as lifestylers are very sorry to see yet another resort go by the way side. This beautiful ALL inclusive resort and spa was one of the premier resorts in Mexico, and sister to both the Desire Resort and Desire Pearl Resort & Spa both located in Riviera Maya. When the Desire Resorts opened in Mexico they seemed to be a healthy competitor to the Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica. Since then Hedo III has been sold to the Sandal’s organization and now one of the jewel’s in the Desire Resorts crown has now been sold to a family friendly organization as well.

Desire Los Cabos was located on the on the sun-kissed shores of Los Cabos, Mexico at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and was ideal for liberated couples seeking sun, sand and sensual encounters. The resort was known for it’s “breathtaking ocean and sea views where guests enjoy a sense of freedom like no other” where guests could “renew their passion, indulge their fantasies and enjoy every moment as they shed their cares and inhibitions at this upscale, tropical adult playground.”

The official website stated “This contemporary-styled all-inclusive beachfront hideaway offers deluxe accommodations and exciting activities within a private, posh, clothing-optional paradise. Freedom, fantasy and fulfillment are framed by a backdrop of lush natural gardens and sandy beaches, making Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos the hottest choice for a perfect romantic getaway.”, and they meant it! The grounds were beautiful and the staff was both accommodating, and lifestyle friendly. What more could a swinger ask for?

To see another swinger venue close is not on any wish list, and we as swingers have to remember to support our local clubs, and lifestyle sanctioned meeting and gathering places, because it is more than just an ideal. It is a true labor of love. The people who own, manage and work in these swinger watering holes invest so much more than just their money. They invest their time, and their labor of love. Time away from their families and even their own regular “vanilla” lives. The countless hours invested in owning, running and managing these types of places is endless, and all so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor for our sexual freedom’s. Our local lifestyle night clubs are the heart and soul of this lifestyle, and without those places, resorts, get away’s and weekend run away’s could not exist, or would not survive.

So when you are dressing to go out, socializing, dancing or drinking at one the local swinger or lifestyle cabarets please remember that you are supporting an entire lifestyle and not just one club or one owner. If we do not support the local night clubs, and sanctioned swinger venue’s all the other lifestyle gathering locations will soon fade away too.