By Kissin Blue Karen (

I wanted to give you an in-depth look at the different swinger dating sites and how to navigate through them. I want to start with my personal favorite swinger dating site, SwingLifeStyle ( SLS is one of the better accounts to use if you are just starting out because they offer a free membership that is actually functional. What I mean is you will be able to use your account and talk to people on the site even if you have a free membership. SLS allows either a single person or a couple to submit a profile on their site. I use the term couple in this article, but a single person can also make use of this site.

The first thing you see when you go on to the SLS site on the site is a form allowing you to enter basic information in order for you to get started on your profile. Once you get your basic information in there, you can navigate through the site and see other couples. On the left side of the screen is a list of navigation links. On the top left there are numbers that tell you your screen name and how many people are online. There is a bird flying up there you have new mail messages. You can either click on the bird or on your mailbox to view them. SLS also has a great IM chatting feature that allows you to instantly connect to people on the site if they are online as well.

On the main page you can see some new matches for you, hot dates and local events. The local events go by whatever you said your city was in your profile. The list the closest parties first. You can click on any of the events to learn more about the event and see a list of people from the site that have “signed-up” to go. The front page also lists “hot dates”. A hot date is a chance to put yourself out there to meet new people or connect with people looking for hot dates.

A quick look at a profile and you can see age, weight, height, if they smoke and/or drink, how far away they are from you, and when they were last active on the site. The profiles on SLS allow setting an age range for potential matches. There is also a place there for the couple to tell you about themselves. The SLS site gives you prompts that clue you in on what to say in setting up your profile (ex: We Are Looking For, then you just fill in the blank). On each couple’s profile you have the option of adding them as a friend, sending them an e-mail, certifying them, inviting them, or blocking them. SLS also has links on each profile where you can keep notes, so as not to confuse couple and an interest meter so you won’t get them confused with someone else. SLS also has a certification tab on every profile. You can only certify someone if you have a paid membership. A certification is a way of saying this couple is real and they look like their pictures.

Speaking of pictures SLS has great software for pictures. You can upload them to the site and then alter them to make them more discreet. You can resize a picture and/or blur a face. It is easy and the pictures cannot be copied from the site. In fact, nothing can be copied since the site is protected. You can also add extra naughty pictures or naked-ish pictures under a locking feature and then only unlock it for certain people.

SLS has thousands of active groups on their site; you can explore them and become a member by requesting permission. The groups usually share common interests, location, and sometimes they throw parties for members only. Joining a group is a great way to meet local people. SLS also has forums for listing parties and meeting other swingers. Alternately you can also go into the search mode and find swingers with common interests near you. The site also features a sex stories page and a sex toy store.

SLS has a FAQ section and I found they are quick to reply if a member asks them a direct question. This is one of the easiest sites to navigate and it is worth the membership fee since it is so popular. So get over to the site and set up a profile, you never know who you will get to meet!