By Kissin Blue Karen (

Want to know a secret? Swinging might have been his idea, but women get all the power!

Really, women get to call all the shots in the Swinger’s world. As a woman, you get to say who and make the final decision on any potential hook-up. Men don’t always realize this going into it. I let my partner do all the shopping, but I get my pick on final purchases! A woman can initiate conversation without feeling like they have to go all the way. This is a fact with swingers. As a woman, I rule and I know it!

Women have more power in the Swinger world. If you think I am joking, just look at the ratio of women to men at any swinger party. Single men are very easy to find at a swingers club or online, so take your pick! Most single guys would be happy to accommodate you and make it a night to remember for the three of you, or two of you. A single woman is a rare gem and they are treated as such by most couples. Single woman are called Unicorns for good reason. A Unicorn is so rare it is almost a myth. A woman in a swinger couple leads the couple and primarily makes the decisions about whether the hook up will happen or not. Nine times out of ten it will be good if the women get along. If the women do not get along it will probably not happen.

Women are more sexually social. In the case of swingers this is especially true. Although you may find some couples where the woman is not bi-sexual, bi-sexuality in female swingers is more socially acceptable. It is the commonly known that most female swingers are bi-sexual. The ratio of bi-sexual females to males is ridiculously out of balance. Since women tend to need to be attracted to both the male and the female of the perspective couple, the woman gets to say if it is a hook-up or not. Women tend to show their displeasure more easily. If it seems as if the woman in the couple does not want to hook-up, it will almost never happen. Most female swingers know this and will not pursue a couple if the woman seems like she doesn’t want to hook-up.

As a woman you have the final say so. A male, female, male sexual hook-up is more common. This is only due to the sheer number of available guys for a swinger hook-up. Most single men know their place and do not want any sort of “relationship” outside of the swinger hook-up. A female, male, female hook-up is a bit harder to achieve. This is in part because of the number of unicorns, but also due to the female/female relationship that must form. This relationship should have clear boundaries. I think this is in part due to a woman territorial nature.

In the swinging world, Woman Rule! This is true on many levels. Most clubs limit the amount of single guys admitted and aren’t afraid to boot someone out if they don’t understand that “no” means no! Not only do most clubs limit the number of single guys, they usually charge more for a single guy then they would a couple. I have never seen this practice for a single woman. Usually a single woman can get into a club for next to nothing, less than couples even, and she will almost always get her drinks bought for her.

Does that seem unfair? I guess only if you are a male. Woman rule in the swinger world!