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Sex scandals are so often associated with politicians, particularly when there is an attempt at a cover up or suspicions of illegality. A sex scandal involves allegations or information about possible sexual activities being made public. While some commentators see sex scandals as irrelevant to politics, others say it goes hand in hand. In reality, of today’s times of sex museums, legal brothels, and sexual encounter centers, it may be time to think twice about whose business it is anyway.

Sex museums, museums that display erotic art, historical sexual aids and documents on the history of erotica first surfaced in the 1960s and 1970’s. These museums offer a glimpse into the seductive. New York City’s Museum of Sex opened in 2002. With more than 15,000 artifacts in their permanent collection and interesting special exhibits such as : RUBBERS: The Life, History and Struggle of the condom., there is something erotic yet educational around every corner.

Travel to Nevada, the only US State to allow legal prostitution, albeit only in the form of regulate4d brothels. The size and style vary considerably, as do the range of sexual services available. Laws regulating brothels also vary considerably. During the first half of the 20th century, some Paris brothels, such as le Chabanais and le Sphinx were internationally known for the luxury they provided.

However, as time changes, so does the business of sex. In the 21st Century we now have licensed Sexual Encounter Centers. A sexual encounter center is a legal business which provides two or more persons a place to assemble for the purpose of engaging in specified sexual activities, according to US State law. Tampa is home to their own such business. In addition to, about 40 strip clubs, helping to give Tampa its infamous reputation of being the lap dance capital of the country, move over D.C., where some club owners say D.C. sells the most bondage gear in the United States.

New York Times recently reports Tampa and its adult businesses are gearing up for the biggest party it has ever held when the Republic National Convention rolls into town next week, adult businesses expect to quadruple their profits of a NFL Superbowl Week. As all the clubs primp to welcome and win the dollars of the Republicans, while after all, in 2010 RNC used party funds to pay rich young republicans to attend a Hollywood night club specializing in lesbians, bondage and S&M, Washington Post, March 3, 2010.

However the dollars may fall, according to, Republican Congressional committee Chairman, Pete Sessions, forewarned fellow republicans at a recent Capitol Hill meeting about not letting their morality slip while in Tampa. Funny, that it’s the same Pete Sessions, who in 2010, along with the National Republican Congressional Committee used a strip club named Forty Deuce for a fundraising event. That’s right, back in Nevada, our home of legal prostitution.

However the dollars may fall, everyone is preparing for the visitors of the RNC and rolling out the red carpet as Republicans, protestors and media, estimated 50,000 people descend upon Tampa next week. While you are in town, maybe catch a glimpse of the Sara Palin look alike strip tease at the 2001 Odyssey, watch the women slip out of red, white and blue corsets at the Mons, or watch swingers enjoying an open sex forum at a licensed sexual encounter center, free to RNC media. There is even an erotic art museum offering free tours from 8pm-10pm Friday and Saturday nights. After all, sex and politics seem to go together and make for a delectable scandal regardless of party affiliation.