Nudist Capital of the United States: Pasco County Florida

By Angye Fox (

Pasco County, Florida is the nudist capital of the United States. There are more clothing-optional places in the area known as Land O’Lakes than anywhere else in the country. Why you may ask? Well, Pasco County allows full-nudity along with a full beer, wine and liquor license. So you can have a five-star luxury resort like Caliente Clothing-optional Resort with a fine dining restaurant, extensive wine list and high-end cocktails.

Where is Pasco County? It lies approximately 20 miles to the north of Tampa and has fourteen resorts situated on a six-mile stretch of U.S. 41. One reason that Pasco County is so ‘open’ with its policy on public nudity is the funds that it generates for the county. Learn more about the nudist resorts of Pasco County, Florida.

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SwingLifeStyle: Navigating the Website

By Kissin Blue Karen (

I wanted to give you an in-depth look at the different swinger dating sites and how to navigate through them. I want to start with my personal favorite swinger dating site, SwingLifeStyle ( SLS is one of the better accounts to use if you are just starting out because they offer a free membership that is actually functional. What I mean is you will be able to use your account and talk to people on the site even if you have a free membership. SLS allows either a single person or a couple to submit a profile on their site. I use the term couple in this article, but a single person can also make use of this site.

The first thing you see when you go on to the SLS site on the site is a form allowing you to enter basic information in order for you to get started on your profile. Once you get your basic information in there, you can navigate through the site and see other couples. On the left side of the screen is a list of navigation links. On the top left there are numbers that tell you your screen name and how many people are online. There is a bird flying up there you have new mail messages. You can either click on the bird or on your mailbox to view them. SLS also has a great IM chatting feature that allows you to instantly connect to people on the site if they are online as well. Keep reading to learn how to find your way around the SwingLifeStyle website.

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Swinger Dating Site Profile Tips

By Kissin Blue Karen (

You profile on any dating site is the key to giving a great first impression to any potential couples on a dating site. Your profile is way for couples to meet you online and see more about you. You will want to put your best foot forward for your profile.

Some basics to keep in mind as you are setting up a profile: Keep reading to learn how to write the perfect swinger dating profile.

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The Rules of Swinging: Women Rule

By Kissin Blue Karen (

Want to know a secret? Swinging might have been his idea, but women get all the power!

Really, women get to call all the shots in the Swinger’s world. As a woman, you get to say who and make the final decision on any potential hook-up. Men don’t always realize this going into it. I let my partner do all the shopping, but I get my pick on final purchases! A woman can initiate conversation without feeling like they have to go all the way. This is a fact with swingers. As a woman, I rule and I know it! Keep reading to learn how women rule in the world of swinging.

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International Swingers Day 2012 Reviewed

By Angye Fox (

International Swingers Day: August 8-12, 2012

Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic was the host resort for the International Swingers Day Convention August 8-12, 2012.

The convention was a collection of who’s who in the lifestyle industry ranging from swing club owners to swinger websites to adult travel agencies. Organized by Mari Negron-Lotito and Brian & Olga Depenbrock from SwingLifeStyle and Joe & Shelley Giantonio from Topless Travel, the ISD convention attracted 148 business owners from throughout the United States. Read more about International Swingers Day 2012.

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Sexy Birthday’s and Events at Eyz Wide Shut Swingers Club

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? CUM OUT TO EYZ WIDE SHUT THIS WEEKEND to celebrate a special birthday! Amidst all the hustle and bustle of a busy club we are happy take a moment to celebrate the birthday of the lady behind it all. Sue works tireless all week long to assure our members are well fed with delicious food including the large array of delectable desserts. She must constantly stay abreast of the patrons need for alcohol to keep everyone happy. Sue’s efforts rarely go noticed. A special birthday celebration is the perfect moment to give back to her.

Eyz Wide Shut is always happy to put your birthday or special celebration in the spotlight with a special dance, wild games or more! To us, the customer is the most important person and Sue works tirelessly to make everyone’s time at the club a great one. Keep reading to learn more about this event.

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Swinger Dating Sites: A Great Way to Meet Other Swingers

By Kissin Blue Karen (

If you are looking to meet local swingers a swinger dating site is a good place to start. Some of the most popular sites are easy to navigate and can instantly connect you to local swingers. There are plenty of sites to choose from online. Some of my favorite sites are Kasadie(, SLS(, Lifestyle Lounge(, and SDC ( Even if you go to a local club to meet new swingers, having a profile on a swinger site will increase your network and allow you more chances for success.

These dating sites list local events and communities which allow you to connect with local swingers. A basic profile on one of these sites will allow you to tell other people about your experience level and comfort level. We don’t all swing the same way, it is important to find people that have the same “rules” or at least enjoy the same sorts of things. Most swinger sites allow you to write out your preferences so other coupes can know what you are looking for. Learn more about the benefits of swinger dating sites.

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Sex, Politics and the 2012 Republican National Convention

Sex scandals are so often associated with politicians, particularly when there is an attempt at a cover up or suspicions of illegality. A sex scandal involves allegations or information about possible sexual activities being made public. While some commentators see sex scandals as irrelevant to politics, others say it goes hand in hand. In reality, of today’s times of sex museums, legal brothels, and sexual encounter centers, it may be time to think twice about whose business it is anyway.

Sex museums, museums that display erotic art, historical sexual aids and documents on the history of erotica first surfaced in the 1960s and 1970’s. These museums offer a glimpse into the seductive. New York City’s Museum of Sex opened in 2002. With more than 15,000 artifacts in their permanent collection and interesting special exhibits such as : RUBBERS: The Life, History and Struggle of the condom., there is something erotic yet educational around every corner. Read more about fun things to do while in Tampa for the 2012 RNC.

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Swinger Speed Dating: Your Answer to Swinging

By Rebecca Ammon (

As I walk into the swinger club for an evening of fun I immediately scan the room for people I know. Depending on how long it’s been since I last visited I may see familiar faces and possibly not know anyone. I’ve been in the lifestyle for more than 10 years and I still find myself feeling insecure when approaching someone new. Each visit to a club, each encounter with a new couple is a challenge for everyone. Even the most confident of people may shy away when it comes to that first hello which makes that big question “do you want to sleep with me?” even more difficult.

Breaking the ice, creating that level of comfort that makes everyone at ease isn’t always the easiest thing to do. For that reason alone I must present my favorite swinger event ever that fixes this problem. Swinger Speed Dating is the best, most fun and creative way to get to know a group of people in a no stress, fun manner. Whether you are new to the lifestyle or a seasoned swinger like me, this type of event will teach you a few things about other swingers and how to be more active in the lifestyle. Read more about swinger speed dating.

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Swinger 101 Class

By Angye Fox (

Angye Fox owns an ad agency that specializes in clothing-optional resorts and other adult-related businesses. From her experiences as a nudist, Ms Fox was introduced to the “lifestyle” or swinging. About 70% of nudists are also swingers. She teaches a Swinger 101 class to newbies every last “Hump Day” of the month at a local Tampa swing club. She starts out her classes with a cocktail meet & greet. Followed by role playing with an experienced swinger couple and the definitions of slang used by swingers. Here is an excerpt from one of her classes:

The Lifestyle – Sometimes known to as “Swinging”, the Lifestyle refers to singles or couples who are typically in a committed relationship who consensually agree to engage in sexual activities with others as a form of recreation or social interaction. Read more about swinger 101 classes.

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